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Wee Li Teng

Wee Li Teng



Joined the firm as a partner in 2023.

She takes pride in her specialized legal services, with a primary focus on real estate related matters ranging from direct purchase from developers, perfection of transfer and charge, subsale and more. She ensures that every aspect of property transactions, be it residential or commercial, is meticulously handled.

She has a deep understanding of both conventional and Islamic financing facilities, allowing her to provide expert guidance in property financing transactions. She assists clients in meeting all legal requirements and contractual obligations, ensuring the financial aspects of the transaction are executed flawlessly and timely.

She is also experienced in succession related matters (including will writing and the application for a grant of probate or letter of administration) as well as has provided legal services for a wide range of commercial transactions.

She offers comprehensive legal advice and guidance to clients across a wide spectrum of conveyancing matters. Her objective is to ensure that clients' interests are safeguarded and their goals are achieved, no matter how complex the situation may be.