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David Cheong Ye Kai



David stands as a distinguished legal practitioner within the legal sphere, having attained a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (Second Class Upper Division) from the Multimedia University. His professional prowess extends beyond traditional legal boundaries, as he is an accredited Mediator, empanelled by the Malaysian International Mediation Centre (MIMC) specializing in Contractual disputes, Estate & Probate, and Joint Ventures & Partnership Disputes.

David commands a multifaceted legal practice, excelling in civil and commercial litigation. His expertise spans Corporate Disputes, Debt Recoveries, Contractual Disputes, Strata Disputes, the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Proceedings, and the Constructions Disputes.

Furthermore, David brings to the table an extensive and profound proficiency in Estate Planning, encompassing the delicate art of Will drafting and the establishment of Trusts and Foundations. He is also esteemed as a legal advisor, entrusted by various trust agencies to impart invaluable legal insights, delivering educational talks, and provide comprehensive training to fellow agents.

David's prowess extends seamlessly into the domain of Real Estate transactions. His engagement spans the spectrum of advisory services, sales and acquisitions, housing loans and corporate acquisitions.

With linguistic versatility, David is fluent in Malay, English, and Mandarin, both in written and spoken form. He is also conversant in Cantonese. David's unwavering dedication to legal excellence, coupled with his boundless diversity of capabilities, renders him an invaluable cornerstone for his discerning clientele.